Created in 1991, Ekkip Boutique Sport initially went by the name: Sports aux Puces. From there you could find used items and new products at clearance price. But over the years, in 1998, as the local marketplace changed and evolved, Sport aux Puces grew and became what we called Sport Dépot. Still developing, the used and clearance part of the store gave its place to a bigger equipment section. More clothes, shoes and sport gear to suits everyone’s need. But it still doesn’t stop there. For 12 years, Sport Dépot improved and specialize its product range and quality so that in 2009, the owner would change the name one last time to: Ekkip Boutique Sport. Now being more refined and having a bigger field expertise, Sport Dépot wasn’t a suited title for the shop anymore.


Here at Ekkip, we’ve got a simple mission: our client’s satisfaction. That’s the reason why we’re always striving to improve our product range and give you the best customer service you could wish for. We really want to make you feel at home in store andor online whenever you come by. We do so for you to have the nicest and easiest shopping experience with us. These last few years, we’ve also been dedicated to stock up as much as possible at our manufacturer's and distributors from Quebec. Staying local helps us encourage SME from here and to keep our jobs at home. To get access to our local supplier’s list, click here.