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Stéphane Despatie

Formed by Triathlon Québec as a biking, swimming and running coach, himself a triathlete, competed in every official distance in triathlon. Therefore, he achieved several sprints, Olympics, half-ironman and a few complete Ironman. Focusing on all the different technics and approaches to better perform, he’s still driven by the human experience in the sport and training world. To him, success is before anything else, a combination of good health and personal improvement. 


Marc-Antoine Pelège

Already growing upon his experiences, Marc-Antoine came here in Montreal to follow his career and build new projects. As he studied at the Collège d’étude ostéopathique de Montréal, he would also refine his knowledge of the sport to become a running teacher with mentoring from Jean-François Harvey a chiropractor. Marc-Antoine’s trainings are principally based his understanding of the anatomical motion so that every movements stays in harmony with the working body.


Isabelle Dominique Kroeh

Animating the “Pause Santé Bouger” podcast and “Bouger à l’exterieur” on Lapresse+, Isabelle Dominique is always on the move. In addition to being a teacher at Lasalle Collège, she’s also an author for Canal Vie, a columnist for and a ZTélé blogger. Soon enough, you’ll be able to find her on where she’ll be presenting shaping exercises for the ones that prefer being elsewhere than the gym. Isabelle has been in the training and dance field for more than 10 years. To get to know her better you can visit the :