Club course

Come run with us!

Make new friends, stay in shape and discover the neighborhood by joining our running club


Who is it for?

Ekkip’s running club is open to any level of runner. To participate you must be able to run for 20 minutes continuously. You will be mentored by our coach, Stéphane Despatie, who will help you perfect your running techniques.

When are the runs?

Monday 6h30PM, Wednesday 7h00AM and Thursday 5h45PM. The trips lasts roughly 60 minutes each times.

How much does it cost?

Three types of plans available: The run addict, a 6 months membership at the price of 200$, The amateur, a monthly membership at 50$ per month and the occasional, no membership, 10$ per run (paid right before the run). The first try is free, come and meet our coach Stéphane Despatie.